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The Italian Furniture Market

In recent years, consumers have realized that purchasing quick to assemble and lightweight furniture leaves them purchasing furniture again in just a few years. No one wants to have to refurnish their house every two to four years, as this is simply not cost-effective. For this reason, the hunts for good quality luxury furniture is on the rise, since while you pay more at first, the furniture lasts for years to come. The quality of Italian luxury furniture has made it a leader in this new resurgence. If you don’t live in Italy, however, where can you find Italian luxury furniture? It is not as hard as you might think.

To initiate the process, look up Italian furniture retailers in your city. Big cities, like Chicago or LA, have retailers that specialize in European furniture. Small municipalities may not have a European furniture dealer, but there could be one in a nearby city. Traveling to see what type of furniture they carry may be worthwhile if this if for sure the avenue you want to go to make your large furniture purchases.

Furniture consignment stores can be an additional wealth of luxury Italian furniture pieces. A lot of antique stores receive unique pieces from all over the world. Consignment stores carry furniture from all different eras so their European section, if they have one, would potentially be more diverse than at other furniture stores. Antique stores vary greatly in price, so it is probably worthwhile to shop a few before deciding. Estate or garage sales may also feature European, specifically Italian, furniture, but the wait for what you want could be far longer.
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Additionally, one can search the internet for places to purchase Italian furniture and have it shipped directly to your home. If you are going to go this route of purchase, however, the most important thing to note is authenticity. There are many difficulties to buying furniture without being able to try it out or see it in person, but there are many success stories, so it is up to the individual to decide what is best for them. It may be best, if you are going to purchase online, to purchase directly from an Italian retailer to insure that what you are buying is what you are receiving. There are online US sellers that offer Italian furniture to be shipped as well, but certify that they are actual Italian pieces before purchasing.
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If high-end Italian furniture is what you’re after, there are avenues to get you that which you desire. Regardless of how you receive it, you are certain to be content with your furniture and the quality of its construction.